Important things to think about when moving to Spain

Moving to Spain? Read this!

Earlier this year, we took the life-changing decision to move to Spain and, of course, it was a very exciting time, particularly the property hunting. However before you make such a big decision, and no matter which country you are moving to, it’s wise to sit down and think about all the less exciting things around an international move. For us, the key to our successful relocation was the planning and consideration of the following points was vital:

Financing the Move

How will you finance the move? You are going to need enough savings in the bank to make sure you can get you and your family to your new country with enough spare money left over in case of any unexpected emergencies either en route or when you immediately arrive.

Will you need a moving company? For an international move, we would certainly say yes however this is not cheap. In our case, as we moved all of our belongings to Spain, the cost of the removal company alone was in excess of £3,500.

You need to factor in the cost of travel. Will you be flying or driving? If you are driving, you need to think about toll road costs (approximately £90 when we drove from Calais to Alicante), as well as food and accommodation along the way.

Cost of Living

What is the cost of living in your new country and where will your income be coming from? If you still have a UK income, how are you going to exchange your money for your new country’s currency. When we first arrived we used a number of different currency conversion methods but have settled on a Revolut account. I will be writing a full blog about Revolut however the referral link to Revolut is listed below in case you want to have a look at it now.


What health care arrangements does your new country have, especially regarding any reciprocal agreements with the UK. Remember that not all countries have a national health service and costs of private healthcare abroad can be both very high and rack up very quickly.


What about the language? As an English speaker, we are all aware that many, many other countries speak English as a second language but we all know that it’s best to learn the host language. Our preferred method is to learn online because the learning is at our own speed and can be done at any time and anywhere.


Do you need to find schools? Are you thinking of an international school or will your children attend school within the local school system? Remember that enrolling your children in any school will need to be done in advance.


What about pets? There a myriad of hoops to jump through in order to get a pet ready to leave the UK and they need to be considered in advance. As we moved with our Weimaraner, we have some helpful tips in the blog dedicated to moving your pet abroad.

Deciding to move to Spain was not a decision we took lightly and we hope you will all benefit from hearing about our experiences and that you gain some valuable tips. If you have any questions, please just put it in the comments below and we will try to help out and if you are thinking of moving to Spain or anywhere abroad, good luck. 

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Important things to think about when moving to Spain